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Shoutbox: How to use it

While at the LAN itself, a small but bold box will appear on every page of the LlamaLAN website. Contained within are colourful blocks of writing, labelled with player names and amusing prose... why, it looks like a chat box for the whole LAN assembly! But why can you only have your latest message in the list at any one time? Let's investigate.

This box is actually labelled 'Player Updates'. It was originally designed as a means for players to advertise what they're up to to the whole LAN. For example:
  • "SophiaHapgood is ready to fight TheArcheologist in the UT DM contest!"
  • "SilentBob is going to order pizza soon, if you want in, come see me."
  • "BenThrottle is running up a low-grav HL2DM server!"
  • "MaxTheLagomorph has run out of tea bags!! :-O"

But times they do change and this little device evolved! You can use it to tell the LAN llamas what server you're running up, what food order you're putting through or the free massage service you're offering. One very effective use, which we fully encourage, is to let your tournament opponent know you're ready to play your game. But you can also use it as a quick LAN-wide chat module. You will notice the colours - they quickly identify the big team you're sitting in and, hence, where you can be found in the LAN if others need to find you. You know, to answer your arm-wrestling challenge, or get in on the take-away run.

The advantage of only showing your latest message means no one can make many consecutive posts of useless content and annoy the rest of us. Nor can you obliterate everyone else's updates in the limited space provided with your lengthy spam of consecutive posts of nonsense.

The simple task of its use

The updates box is now REAL TIME. Don't get too excited, but the box will now update with the latest messages on its own, no page-wide F5 refresh required.

The use of it is easy. Under the updates list you'll see two form controls. The first is the input field where you should type your update message. There is a restrictive character limit so be brief. Then smack that 'shout it out'button to immediately post your message.

And if it's in the way, you can minimise the box by clicking on the header tab labelled 'Player Updates'

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