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The TF2 Muppets are looking for more dummies!
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Server - Frag Test Dummies public clan server

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History of FTD.TF2

The last day of September would be the first day of something great, something horrifying, something no one expected. The Frag Test Dummies would make a return, and all due to the one simple line: "<oxygenme> hi Golemski"

The TF2 Epoch

30th September 2007:  Oxygen had appeared in FTD' s long since barely used channel because Team Fortress 2 and Fortress Forever and appeared on the scene, trying to find out if FTD were going to reform. Golem's initial reaction was not to entertain the notion, considering that the major problem with trying was finding enough players who'd be active, or even interested.

Oxygen suggested that, if it were to happen, that he and a bunch of other former dummies would indeed be interested.

4th October 2007:  A 'Call To The Fortress' was sent out across the dummy network.

Golem noticed that a reformed FTD clan would interest a number of players, and figured if that's what they wanted, then that's what he'd try to give them.

Golem got together all the email addresses recorded against the FTD site, throughout almost every faction, in hope that at least some of them would find existing addresses of former members up for a new Fortress clan.

The response was more than hoped. Dummies from a number of factions, even some who were with us from the start who had long since moved on, were answering to this new idea. It looked like the was life in this idea after all - a LOT of life!

Which would it be - TF2, or FF?

8th October 2007:  The members were returning in healthy numbers. Interest was expressed by Oxygen, YaZoR, Axeh, Amund, AndyPandy, aNTiFLoW, boo, Jenks, Kanonfodda, LOst, Macemeister, Pantburster, snuffsaid, Ragnor, SteeKer and MrNiceGuy.

Golem and KF, under encouragement from the legendary Pantburster, took the reins, despite Golem's misgivings about doing so, to dual-lead the new faction of FTD.

TF2 was the unanimous choice!

Golem insisted that every member of the new team to join the Steam group, encouraging the players to find eachother and experience TF2 with buddies at any given opportunity.

Indeed, this TF2 thing was a heck of a lot of fun, more so with clanmates. :)

19th November 2007:  The contributions were in, and we aquired a server from Multiplay! And LlamaLAN sponsored an extra financial boost to make it unpassworded and unbranded!

Thanks to an excellent online management console Clanforge, the clan have been able to easily configure a number of server types, including public, clan match and duelling. And on that subject, this same week saw FTD's first practice on our new server, with KF at the helm, and the start of the Duel Ladder battles.

And so the Slaughter Commenced

2nd February 2008:  With a server to call home, the clan were in a good position to take part in leagues! Clanbase, ETF2L and Enemy Down received most of our attention, with varying degrees of success on our part. ;)

18th May 2008:  FTD is a mature clan, and many of its members now had responsibilities aside from stuff for the clan - some even had families! Whether or not this should be legal (for the sake of humanity), it was true.

After a flurry of high activity and action, FTD's members were finding it hard to commit to the same degree; a deficit in activity was sufficient enough to ask the best way forward for the clan. It was suggested that focussing on Sundays for official activity only would allow us to ensure good turnouts, leaving our normal midweek Wednesday evening for fun on publics as a bunch of mates.

So after a thread on the subject ran in the forums, this was agreed on! Sundays would be our only nights for matches and/or organised clan praccies, if no matches are due. Wednesdays will feature far less organised events, if any. Wednesday nights would give the whole clan a chance to join up on public servers for CP, CTF, PL or even some good DM fun.

24th September 2008:  Andypandy had thus far done a marvellous job of keeping us busy, arranging matches and generally keepin us in good standing with other clans. Our fine friend was off to foreign shores for work and play, and so we needed to fill his giant clown-like shoes. Also, Wireplay request that each clan have a representative in the clan IRC channel, and at this time we had no one in any official capacity to do this.

Thus, the job was up for grabs - the then termed Captain of Comms and IRC, the face of FTD. Roundup enthusiastically took the chance to thrust himself into such a challenging role and his enthusiasm was accepted. To date, he's done a brilliant job while maintaining a highly charged attitude to it all! I have no idea what drugs this man is on...

10th October 2008:  At the end of September 2008, FTD faced SSQ in the first week of one Wireplay TF2 league. While SSQ won, it was such a fun game that Golem felt the need to redon his Directors hat and dust off his copy of Vegas Pro! What resulted was a new FTD video - Goldrush: Last Stand. While not the most polished of efforts, it was well received by TF2 players as a wild documentary of Goldrush's last ten minutes.

The download links can be found here:

and can be watched on YouTube (reduced in length) here:

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