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Electronic Sports Europe
LlamaLan Signup
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FTD Links

Electronic Sports Europe Since 1997 the ESL has been running several leagues across many different games. This will take you to the list of their leagues. Maybe your faction's next league will be run by the ESL!
LlamaLan Signup The Llamalan is also run by Kanonfodda and he's looking to make the next one bigger and better. Go here to see pictures, movies, comments etc and signup for more madness.
Llamastats Llamastats is a home grown stats program used for Q3F. It easily contends with the best stats progs out there as the best stats analyser for Q3F clans. A joint venture by Kanonfodda and Golem.
Nukezone A totally web-based strategy game with over 450,000 active members. Provinces form alliances and go to war, building air, naval and ground forces, turret defences, satellite systems, and missiles. And it's free! Look up the Frag Test Dummies clan!

Important Places

FTD Steam Community Group Every dummy must join up! Add one of the officers as friends and await your invitation, maggots!
FTD's Youtube Channel Go watch some telly, you might learn something!
Steam Chatroom The chat room for the FTD Steam Community group. If you want to talk to a dummy, join the chatroom and ask a dummy to join you.


OverLIB homepage Extremely configurable javascript module for creating floating text boxes when hovering on web page elements. It's used on our members lapels! Go here and see how to work it yourself.

Resources and Info

FPS Banana TF2 Maps A whole bunch of user maps, many styled on the ancient and original Team Fortress map favourites. And some duel maps, of course...
Guide: Binding keys to voice commands in TF2 A handy reference for binding voice commands!
Multiplay FTP Area Contains a whole load of gaming-related files across the spectrum, including demos, drivers, match replays and more.
Planet Half Life: TF2 Massive amounts of data to arm yourselves with.
Valve's TF2 Blog Valve's official Team Fortress 2 blog. This is no ordinary product of the blogosphere, for this one is actually interesting!


Battlefield 1942 Battlefield is a multiplayer game capable of 50+ players at one time! Reinact WW2 operations or totally rewrite them with your own version by taking control of several classes and all many of vehicles and gun turrets.
Battlefield 2
Doom 3 Fortress All friends in Hell
Enemy Territory
Enemy Territory Fortress
HL2: Battlegrounds 2 Two different teams battle for the control over the american colonies. Old blighty vs the yanks!
HL2: CS Pro Mod The primary objective of CS Promod is to further the progress of E-Sports and to improve as much as we can the playing, spectating, and broadcasting of Counter-Strike as a professional sport... (hmm... :) -Golem)
HL2: Empires Combining the genres of first-person shooter and real-time strategy. Each commander plays the game top down, with the ability to construct bases and give orders to his team, remaining players will be soldiers playing on foot or using vehicles.
HL2: Fortress Forever Fortress Forever should please those who have stuck with or been a part Half-life: TFC over the years while at the same time doing more for new TF players than any prior Fortress attempt.
HL2: Insurgency Set on the modern battlefields, Insurgency simulates infantry combat that encourages the use of teamwork and tactics to close with and destroy the enemy. Again!
HL2: Zombie Master Centred on a zombie-apocalypse, throwing all but one player in the shoes of human survivors. The Zombie Master controls the legions of undead like puppets on strings; closing the net on the humans while they run to and fro like rats in a maze.
HL: Adrenaline Gamer
HL: Counter-Strike 1.6 That well known anti-terrorist thingy.
HL: Counter-Strike Condition:Zero Extra stuff for Counter Strike!
HL: Day of Defeat
HL: Digital Paintball
HL: Firearms Firearms is a modification of Valve Software's computer game, Half-Life. It's a realistic modification of the game, that focuses on teamplay with gameplay altered to the extreme.
HL: Frontline Force FrontLine Force 2.0 (half life multiplayer mod: Players are divided into two teams, "Attackers" and "Defenders" with various "capture point" objectives.
HL: Hostile Intent Hostile Intent is all about realism, covering realistic weapon damage, realistic missions and mission stories. Hostile Intent gives the player the feeling he's actually there. Be it a nuclear submarine, an embassy raid or a mid-Eastern military base.
HL: Natural Selection Natural Selection blends first-person combat with real-time strategy. It features intense "marines vs. aliens" teamplay, where one marine can become Commander.
HL: Opposing Force Return to the Black Mesa Research Facility as one of the military specialists assigned to eliminate Gordon Freeman. Experience an entirely new episode of single player action.
HL: Ricochet A futuristic action game that challenges your agility as well as your aim, Ricochet features one-on-one and team matches played in a variety of futuristic battle arenas.
HL: StargateTC On The StargateTC mod, you can choose your team, goa'uld or tau'ri and the class of your character, which will have an influence on the weapons made available to you. You will then have to complete different objectives.
HL: The Specialists Action movies meet deathmatch in one of the most spectacular Half-Life mods available. Over 30 unique firearms, edged weapons, kung fu and a huge range of stunts, mixed with epic gunfights, slow motion and tracer fire.
Left 4 Dead Without resorting to cliches about brains... head out into a world infested with mindless zombies as one of four survivors or as the zombie bosses! Challenge your brawn and your grey matter as you fight the horde!
Left 4 Dead 2 Meanwhile, at the end of all civilisation, 'The South' turns out to be better armed than the North and able to actually use frying pans, and chainsaws. And guitars.
NukeZone A totally web-based strategy game with over 450,000 active members. Provinces form alliances and go to war, building air, naval and ground forces, turret defences, satellite systems, and missiles. And it's free! Look up the Frag Test Dummies clan!
Operation FlashPoint Set aroundabout the cold war, Operation Flashpoint purports to be one of the most realistic battle arenas available for PC.
Quake 3 Arena Very popular incarnation of the Quake series. Q3 Arena took the online gamers by storm and, helped by the huge number of mods, it's still going strong.
Quake 3 Fortress 2.x Quake 3 Fortress - a team based mod for Quake III. Players take control of nine different classes in defence and offence teams on several gametypes, including Capture and Hold, and Capture the Flag.
Soldier of Fortune II Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix has a few game types such as Elimination and Infiltration. The second SOF game is more realistic then the first one and requires brain as well as brawn. Give em hell, soldiers.
Team Fortress 2 Unlike other class-based games that offer a variety of classes only, Team Fortress 2 packs a wild variety of classes which provide a broad range of tactical abilities and personalities, and lend themselves to a variety of player skills. So ner.
Tetris The ultimate game of all time?
Unreal Tournament 2003 Unreal Tournament 2003 has made a huge hit with its ultra-fast gameplay on gorgeous looking graphics. Also makes you cringe when you die with all manner of bone-splintering ragdoll landings and decapitations. You can even set player heads on fire.


ClanBase TF2 6v6 Ladder
ClanBase TF2 8v8 Ladder
ED Spring Bonanzaaa 8v8 League stage is 24 teams split into 4 groups of 6. When the league stage is completed the top 2 teams from each division will go through to the Single Elimination Final Stages!
ED TF2 6v6 Arena Open Ladder
ED TF2 Arena Winter Clash
Enemy Down 6v6 TF2 Ladder
Enemy Down 8v8 TF2 Ladder
European TF2 League A no nonsense euro league with some old buddies from Fortress days.
European TF2 League 6v6 Ladder The ETF2L was always a popular one, and their ladder is no different. At the time of writing, it has approximately one billion clans fighting for the number one spot.
European TF2 League Cup The ETF2L Cups are straight knockout competitions. For each fixture, the team to win two maps remains in the tournament!
UKeSA Open Division The Open Division is the amateur league of UKeSA and offers teams the opportunity to play competitively in the spirit of sport. No losers playing here then!
Wireplay TF2 6v6 League Their main event!
Wireplay TF2 7v7 League Dem b0nes dem b0nes, dem dry b0nes...


420 X-Games ctf_420_x-games_v1; Size: Small; Style: CTF; A very small map featuring a ditch full of rubbish, and ultimately lifeless bodies.
Aerospace CTF Beta 4 ctf_aerospace_b4; Size: Big; Style: CTF; A map with a tale to spin - two Aeroplane manufacturers at war! Emphasis in speed and team dynamics, each base guards the intel in a rear tower. Strong defence and coordinated attack patterns are vital for success.
Cashworks pl_cashworks_rc; Size: Big; Style: PL; A long and winding payload map with lots of opportunities to blow eachother up... Apparently still in beta?
Cliffside Brawl cliffside_brawl_b1; Size: Small; Style: DM; Watch your step - there's a long drop to the bottom. Meanwhile, see if you can pull off that classic move where you chuck your opponent off the edge and to their doom! Good times!
Cranetop Payload pl_cranetop_b6; Size: Big; Style: PL; A map with things that explode and a crane!
Cyberpunk cyberpunk; Size: Small; Style: DM; Something like nothing you've never seen before! This is very creative, if nothing else. Put on your best harrison ford face, and ask your opponent what happens when they see a turtle on its back.
DM Biosphere dm_biosphere_v3; Size: Small; Style: DM; The tranquil natural surroundings observe the unstoppable carnage within the big glass container. How beautiful it is.
DM Infinity v1 dm_infinity_version_1; Size: Small; Style: DM; A very nicely made dm map set in the old wild west town of Infinity. I may have made that up.
Duel 3 duel_duel3; Size: Small; Style: Duel; Four times the map 'duel2' ever was! Multiple exits and multiple levels make this a map several players can be present in but face eachother at different points throughout the duelling cylinder. Watch your left, right, back and, now, your head!
Duel Arena 3.2 duel_arena_v3.2; Size: Small; Style: Duel; Emerge and face off against your enemies. Smite them on the arena.
Duel2 duel_duel2; Size: Small; Style: Duel; No debris. No caps. Barely any barriers at all - just you, a door, and your opponent. And pretty graphics and fog settings. Straight forward, rocket to the face, baseball batting Mano-et-Mano combat.
Falling falling_cp; Size: Small; Style: CP; The epic masterpiece CS map falling has been re-envisioned for TF2! Featuring teleports, ramps and a breakable glass floor.
Fortress dm_fortress; Size: Small; Style: Duel; Two arenas and observations windows!
Freight cp_freight; Size: Medium; Style: Control Point; Simple and symmetrical control point map with a more involved train system.
Frontier Payload pl_frontier; Size: ; Style: PL; This is a single-stage payload map with 4 control points for BLU to capture. players push a train! Meet Lil' Chew-Chew. This payload is a large engine which will run over anyone in front of it, as long as 3 or more BLUE are pushing it along! Whooo!
Hall Of Death ctf_hallofdeath; Size: Small; Style: CTF; A small capture the flag map. One big hallway is all that stands between you and the enemy. Relive that moment from The Matrix and do some cartwheels.
Hans dm_hans; Size: Small; Style: Duel; Three levels and an entirely round arena means your opponent could pop out from anywhere!
Hoodoo pl_hoodoo_b2; Size: Three Zone; Style: Payload; A standard payload map. Blu are escorting a custom payload model - a dirty bomb - towards the red base.
Junkyard Wars dm_junkyardwars_b1; Size: Small; Style: Duel; Big brown and dirty.
Labor cp_labor; Size: Medium; Style: Capture + Hold; One of the most highly rated fan maps of all time.
Lazy Town cp_lazytown; Size: Big; Style: CP; A very straightforward capture point map with excellent arenas for close-quarter combat. The final cap points are difficult if snipers are in the area, but the layout is symmetrical so both teams are equally challenged.
Mach4 ctf_mach4; Size: Small; Style: CTF; A port from previous versions of Fortress. A quick fun map where combat is just around the corner. Watch the water!
Mine 4 ctf_mine4; Size: Small; Style: CTF; Rather than the bright outdoors we're all used to, welcome to the dark dingy mine. Lighting is minimal, so keep a keen eye out for movement behind cover, and particularly along the upper ledges between bases.
Oilfield CP cp_oilfield_v2; Size: Medium; Style: CP; A linear three capture point map with an oil field theme. Even has working pumps, yer varmits!
Ramrod cp_ramrod_rc4; Size: Big; Style: CP; Three zones with two caps each, and dusty.
Rugby ctf_rugby_b12; Size: Small; Style: CTF; After bringing you the Rugby 2008 World Cup, we bring you the CTF 2008 Rugby Slaugtherhouse. A fun map with a massive open space filled with piles of dirt, pits and traffic cones.
Stag CP cp_stag; Size: Big; Style: CP; Five point CP map based on the classic 2stag map from previous Fortress games.
Steel cp_steel_b4; Size: Big; Style: CP; Introduction Video is here: - probably worth viewing first.
Zig Zag B1 cp_zig_zag_b1; Size: Small; Style: CP; Small and quick CP map. Get out there into the rocky desert and fight for your life.


AOS Ace Of Spades:
AR Alien Raiders: Old mates from the Q3F days! Ahoy chaps!
AnGRY AnGRY: A TF2 community for older gamers (18+), based in the UK but with members from all over Europe. They are led by Ben Stiller.
AntroX AntroX: Beginning life as a barber shop quartet, they now sign operatic finales whenever they take to the field of battle.
Az Aztecs:
BoB Bacon:
BoB Band of Brothers:
=BFL= Banned From Life: Shame to lock them up really!
|BWR| BEst Winning Army REunited: First met these guys in Wireplay 7v7 League. Nice name. :D
STEG Bitter Virgins: So the confident STEG say: "They are the best because they are the best way they win!"
CantFitMyN CantFitMyN: nice lot
-cavalier- Cavaliers BLUE: Well, it's only the game"
Ch.t # Chancy Team:
UNi Clan United:
CλC Come Attack & Collide: a professional and serious clan that dont want to stress about matches
-(C)- Condemned UK 2nd: Formerly 'Come Attack and Collide'!
Core-13 Core-13: Blimey Guvna!
CS^ Crazy Suicide:
(CBC:S) Cream Bun Clan: With a cherry on top?
c Cruciamentum:
[DoGs] Dangrous Old Gents:
DkR Dark Reavers: A game of two halves, with some tactics in play that served to highlight 2Forts' dodgy reputation in TF2 land. Had we another 30 seconds we may have been able to nab us a round win, but missed out. ;
DCSB BLU Dead Cows Strike Back BLU: Sounds like my worst nightmare come to life... how true this is remains to be seen!
DKT Death Killer's Team: The only info I can get at the moment is "French Team :D"
[DG] Disturbed Gamers: Disturbed... but efficiant?
DW Division Wuestenfuchs:
DW DW-Steppenfuchs: Arfen arfen!
EHC Eggheads Clan:
//_- EmoZ: hopfully too depressed to be a challange? doubt it...
(●EB Epic Banana Clan: Lets Split
FiFo FiFo:
FTD Frag Test Dummies:
Fz FreneZy: Some crazy people right here!
[GC] Game Control:
GM Gaming Masters:
guru Guru Gaming:
HS Head stompers:
HJ| Hell Jumpers: Jump or be burned
iExpo Indecent Exposure: Don't be distracted by how they present themselves, soldiers!
IDK- Inflict Dominate Kill: Former home of Arsfragendi, they're a group of mature players who have come together to have fun and enjoy tf2 as a game!
=[IDK]= Insane Dutch Killers: You all know them! they are Insane!
IP InterPol:
LTG LagTastic:
LmL Last Men Left:
ln <3 loveninjas:
M4Pw M4Pw: nice bunch directed me to found a more convincing home page for them than that!
MM2 Malevolent Monkees 2nd Team: MM the second, but are they second best or the new improved edition?
MoX Malevolents of Xibalba:
mkF ManKindFall:
mx. Matrix-Alliance:
mmp| Memento Mori Pacman:
::nG:: Nemesis Gamers: Born from the ashes of i34.
.:ne:. Nervous Energy: Calm down calm down
[NERV] Nervous System: Ready Set GO.... Did someone get that time?
NuB Neurotic United Brothers: Nubs!
NiCeY. Nicey-tf2: A friendly clan who play for fun, but do follow the rules, and request we don't ask to break them. Damn.
nR NoRandom: Strong silent types.
Oz3 Ozon3rs:
PdB^^ Pajaros de Barro:
CP-Φ Phoenix Squad: From the Ashes... and other dramatic stuff...
PW Pixel Warriors Black:
PnS PnS Gaming:
Ps Proper Stinky:
[PuRe] Pure And Simple: nothing to display...
RMF Rostock Multigaming Freaks: Big, bad and blue. And freakishly good at apple turnovers.
SpA|com Special Attack Community: Through a special combination of keys involving squares and triangles, they will unleash secret moves on your face!
SDC SquareDisc Clan:
SSQ Super Squirrels: Every one's a fruit and nutcake!
exL team 3xploit: No need to get in a flap.
cake Team Cake: No lie.
area Team GamerArea:
[TR] TeamRatchet: Pwning your world one day at a time.
TWO Terror Without Order League: Two's company!
[TF] The Firm: ahh way back when...
SAS The UK Special Air Service: Brandishing large silver swords with wings, they play Day of Defeat 1.3, Day of Defeat Source and Team Fortress 2.
[TkC] Thirsty Killers Clan: No space for Noobs, apparantly, we shall see! ;)
UKGL! United Kingdom Gaming Legion: UKGL was formed by many friends at a school in Manchester,
^wotr^ Weapons of the rebelion:
boX? What's in the boX?:
WDW Who Dares Wins:
WtFC WTF Country:
xciteuk xciteuk:
Xen ◊ Xen ◊ Team - RED:
2 ₪ ande 2 ufs:
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