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Fireballin Trackmania Driving in Quake 3 Fortress 2.x

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Electronic Sports Europe
LlamaLan Signup
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FTD Links

Electronic Sports Europe Since 1997 the ESL has been running several leagues across many different games. This will take you to the list of their leagues. Maybe your faction's next league will be run by the ESL!
LlamaLan Signup The Llamalan is also run by Kanonfodda and he's looking to make the next one bigger and better. Go here to see pictures, movies, comments etc and signup for more madness.
Llamastats Llamastats is a home grown stats program used for Q3F. It easily contends with the best stats progs out there as the best stats analyser for Q3F clans. A joint venture by Kanonfodda and Golem.
Nukezone A totally web-based strategy game with over 450,000 active members. Provinces form alliances and go to war, building air, naval and ground forces, turret defences, satellite systems, and missiles. And it's free! Look up the Frag Test Dummies clan!

The ones we like

Cutie Quake The play-from-anywhere version of Quake... though don't expect to see any big evil creatures.
Death Masters One of our members, Magic, is the clan leader for this evil looking Germany-based Q3 Rocket Arena clan. They even have their own T-Shirts!
FTD's WAPs FTD Q3F's presence for the Wapaholic's prolific telephonic tendancies!
FTD: A Q3F Disaster Movie Our official Q3F video. I've typed out this description hundreds of times, so just go read the one on the download page. :)
GameHedz These guys organise LAN parties in Reading and Manchester mostly, but might do more elsewhere in the future. If you've got a spare weekend, these guys might be filling it for you - check em out.
Go Smurf Yourself Smurf Name generator. Take your everyday normal name and find out who you really are... smurfed!
Llama Web Where we got most of our players. :) Those were the days, frolicking in the grassy moors...
The FIRST FTD website Clicking this link will take you to the former FTD homepage. Ah, you could bottle the nostalgia and sell it as a sweet perfume... :)


OverLIB homepage Extremely configurable javascript module for creating floating text boxes when hovering on web page elements. It's used on our members lapels! Go here and see how to work it yourself.

Q3F Sites

Aus Fortress The Australian based Q3F info website - plenty of good material for us foreigners though! ;o)
ESL Euro 6v6 Ladder The Electronic Sports League aims to be a central site to the world of online gaming, and has started up a few new leagues including the 6v6 Highlander Ladder.
Leakspot Want a change of scene? Looking for MORE maps? Building your own and need a bit of help?
Planet Q3F A very useful source of information and entertainement for the Q3F community.
Planet Q3F Germany Another source of Planet Q3F data based in Germany.
Punkbuster Manual Update If Punkbuster is shouting rude names at you, flushing your goldfish down the loo, and losing all your socks, then try the manual update here.
Q3F Park Based on a popular late night cartoon, Mattyaw gives all Q3Fers the chance to construct what they'd look like in the 'Q3F park' and submit the image to his database. See what your online mates look like...
QuakeNet IRC Everything you want to know about Quakenet's IRC service can be found here. Get a list of servers to connect to to find us on #ftd.

Server Sites

Cannonfodder Servers based in Germany.
Keeg Q3Arena Even MORE Q3F servers.
Nexus More Q3F servers. :)
Railbait Railbait server stats and addresses. Best for American players... I think.

Useful Sites and Cool Utils

CSports CSports.net is like the much famed CLQ - you can check out any player or clan you want to. We're all on here so see how you rate across the world!
mIRC A nice Internet Relay Chat client. Very configurable and easy to use. You'll need something like this to access our IRC channel, and this is the one I recommend.
Roger Wilco Full-duplex Voice Communicating while you play. It is preferred that our players get Roger Wilco because, at the moment, we find that hearing us singing, insulting eachother and making other noises is an essential part of playing the game.


Battlefield 1942 Battlefield is a multiplayer game capable of 50+ players at one time! Reinact WW2 operations or totally rewrite them with your own version by taking control of several classes and all many of vehicles and gun turrets.
Battlefield 2
Doom 3 Fortress All friends in Hell
Enemy Territory
Enemy Territory Fortress
HL2: Battlegrounds 2 Two different teams battle for the control over the american colonies. Old blighty vs the yanks!
HL2: CS Pro Mod The primary objective of CS Promod is to further the progress of E-Sports and to improve as much as we can the playing, spectating, and broadcasting of Counter-Strike as a professional sport... (hmm... :) -Golem)
HL2: Empires Combining the genres of first-person shooter and real-time strategy. Each commander plays the game top down, with the ability to construct bases and give orders to his team, remaining players will be soldiers playing on foot or using vehicles.
HL2: Fortress Forever Fortress Forever should please those who have stuck with or been a part Half-life: TFC over the years while at the same time doing more for new TF players than any prior Fortress attempt.
HL2: Insurgency Set on the modern battlefields, Insurgency simulates infantry combat that encourages the use of teamwork and tactics to close with and destroy the enemy. Again!
HL2: Zombie Master Centred on a zombie-apocalypse, throwing all but one player in the shoes of human survivors. The Zombie Master controls the legions of undead like puppets on strings; closing the net on the humans while they run to and fro like rats in a maze.
HL: Adrenaline Gamer
HL: Counter-Strike 1.6 That well known anti-terrorist thingy.
HL: Counter-Strike Condition:Zero Extra stuff for Counter Strike!
HL: Day of Defeat
HL: Digital Paintball
HL: Firearms Firearms is a modification of Valve Software's computer game, Half-Life. It's a realistic modification of the game, that focuses on teamplay with gameplay altered to the extreme.
HL: Frontline Force FrontLine Force 2.0 (half life multiplayer mod: Players are divided into two teams, "Attackers" and "Defenders" with various "capture point" objectives.
HL: Hostile Intent Hostile Intent is all about realism, covering realistic weapon damage, realistic missions and mission stories. Hostile Intent gives the player the feeling he's actually there. Be it a nuclear submarine, an embassy raid or a mid-Eastern military base.
HL: Natural Selection Natural Selection blends first-person combat with real-time strategy. It features intense "marines vs. aliens" teamplay, where one marine can become Commander.
HL: Opposing Force Return to the Black Mesa Research Facility as one of the military specialists assigned to eliminate Gordon Freeman. Experience an entirely new episode of single player action.
HL: Ricochet A futuristic action game that challenges your agility as well as your aim, Ricochet features one-on-one and team matches played in a variety of futuristic battle arenas.
HL: StargateTC On The StargateTC mod, you can choose your team, goa'uld or tau'ri and the class of your character, which will have an influence on the weapons made available to you. You will then have to complete different objectives.
HL: The Specialists Action movies meet deathmatch in one of the most spectacular Half-Life mods available. Over 30 unique firearms, edged weapons, kung fu and a huge range of stunts, mixed with epic gunfights, slow motion and tracer fire.
Left 4 Dead Without resorting to cliches about brains... head out into a world infested with mindless zombies as one of four survivors or as the zombie bosses! Challenge your brawn and your grey matter as you fight the horde!
Left 4 Dead 2 Meanwhile, at the end of all civilisation, 'The South' turns out to be better armed than the North and able to actually use frying pans, and chainsaws. And guitars.
NukeZone A totally web-based strategy game with over 450,000 active members. Provinces form alliances and go to war, building air, naval and ground forces, turret defences, satellite systems, and missiles. And it's free! Look up the Frag Test Dummies clan!
Operation FlashPoint Set aroundabout the cold war, Operation Flashpoint purports to be one of the most realistic battle arenas available for PC.
Quake 3 Arena Very popular incarnation of the Quake series. Q3 Arena took the online gamers by storm and, helped by the huge number of mods, it's still going strong.
Quake 3 Fortress 2.x Quake 3 Fortress - a team based mod for Quake III. Players take control of nine different classes in defence and offence teams on several gametypes, including Capture and Hold, and Capture the Flag.
Soldier of Fortune II Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix has a few game types such as Elimination and Infiltration. The second SOF game is more realistic then the first one and requires brain as well as brawn. Give em hell, soldiers.
Team Fortress 2 Unlike other class-based games that offer a variety of classes only, Team Fortress 2 packs a wild variety of classes which provide a broad range of tactical abilities and personalities, and lend themselves to a variety of player skills. So ner.
Tetris The ultimate game of all time?
Unreal Tournament 2003 Unreal Tournament 2003 has made a huge hit with its ultra-fast gameplay on gorgeous looking graphics. Also makes you cringe when you die with all manner of bone-splintering ragdoll landings and decapitations. You can even set player heads on fire.


BWQ3FL One of the more popular q3f leagues in its time.
Castles Cup Utter chaos! But a good laugh.
EQ3FL The European Q3F League started up in July 2002 and was well supported by the community. Kind of a DIY league... but it works. :)
EQ3FL Cup After the third season Dogs initiated the EQ3FL Cup, with different rules for a knockout competition.
EQ3FL Highlander There can be only one!
Q3FECL The tallest ladder in the world. The ECL is a mass of clanned arms and legs fighting eachother off to climb up, rung by rung, to discover the meaning of life.
The Fortress LAN At the turn of the millenium, some of FTD attended TFL 2000. This was vastly organised by DG.Dogs and an excellent job he did too. Want to see the T-Shirt Pox awarded to Spike? And Why?


2Garden2 q3f_2garden2; Size: Medium; Style: CTF; Similar layout to chaos3 :)
ADuel aduel; Size: Small; Style: Duel; A fast and furious map where only the meanest, most evil aggressor will survive. Not for the faint hearted softy wet blouses - this is a MAN'S duelling arena!
Bam5 q3f_bam5-2; Size: Medium; Style: CTF;
Boosted q3f_boosted; Size: Small; Style: Duel;
Causeway q3f_causeway; Size: Big; Style: CTF;
Crossfire q3f_crossfire2; Size: Small; Style: CTF;
Duel1r duel1r2; Size: Small; Style: Duel;
Duelit duelit; Size: Small; Style: Duel; g_gameindex 1 - ildon's duel mode - In this mode the players press the button in their spawn to begin the duel. When you win you are teleported back to your respawn and restocked.
Dungeonz q3f_dungeonz; Size: Medium; Style: CTF;
GCastles2 q3f_gc2; Size: Big; Style: CTF; A tight castle layout with multiple attack routes, resups are pretty far away from the flag room so survival on D is important. - the map can be defended well by skilled players, but it is quite a bit easier to attack than Forts or Bases.
Got Duck q3f_gotduck; Size: Medium; Style: ;
H4rdcore q3f_h4rdcore; Size: Medium; Style: CTF; No neutral area, bases joined by tunnels
Hall Of Fame q3f_halloffame; Size: Small; Style: Duel;
Ice q3f_ice; Size: Big; Style: CTF;
Insanity2 q3f_insanity2; Size: Medium; Style: CTF;
Maximum Forts q3f_maxforts; Size: ; Style: ;
Minino Heroes q3f_mininoheros; Size: ; Style: ;
Nevermore 2 q3f_nevermore2; Size: Big; Style: CTF; Open map, 3 ways into the Flag room
Oblivion v2a q3f_obliv2a; Size: Small; Style: CTF;
Open Fire 2B q3f_openfire2b; Size: Medium; Style: CTF;
Opposition, Stronghold q3f_opposition; Size: Big; Style: CTF;
Orbital q3f_orbital; Size: Big; Style: C&H;
Out of Order q3f_order; Size: Small; Style: Duel;
Outdoor q3f_outdoor; Size: ; Style: ;
Rare2 q3f_rare2; Size: Small; Style: Duel;
Shoop q3f_shoop; Size: ; Style: ;
Shutdown 2 q3f_shutdown2; Size: Medium; Style: CTF; An old TFC one ported to Q3F2 at last. Requires real teamwork to get the barrier down.
Simo q3f_simo; Size: Medium; Style: CTF;
SmartBases2 q3f_smartbases2; Size: Big; Style: CTF; Revamped from q3f beta1h
SubD16 q3f_subd16; Size: Medium; Style: CTF; In the flag room there is a grate which can be blown up, once it is gone it creates another route to the flag. Also in the flag room there is a door that is closed by a button. The door stays closed for 10 seconds but the buttons stays pushed for 30.
The Final Two Kingdoms q3f_tf2k; Size: Big; Style: CTF;
The Open Field q3f_openfield; Size: ; Style: ;
The Septic Den q3f_septic; Size: Small; Style: Duel;
The Space Tube q3f_spacetube; Size: Sma; Style: Due;
Too Stoned v4 q3f_2stoned4; Size: Big; Style: CTF;
Ultima q3f_ultima; Size: Small; Style: CTF;


.pt .pt:
0plan 0 Plan:
Abused Abused:
AR Alien Raiders: The raiders represent a good clan with a good attitude and good skill. You could say they're pretty good. :)
AGO Armygeddon: Still going strong.
Chosen Chosen: Another one of those clans you're always too busy to play in a friendly as you know they'll give you a good hard whipping.
EQ Earthquakers: Most of the guys who built Q3F play in EQ... plenty of practice for them then.
ECA European Clan Alliance: Also known as ECA/wrld for some days after a merger. They disbanded when their Q3F days were finished.
FAB FAB: A really nice bunch of blokes. A very fitting clan name. :) Unfortunately they disbanded one night we were due to face them, but they merged with K1CK, so not all was lost. They are now a 5v5 clan.
FWD Fleetwood: If FWD were a tour of duty, you could say FTD was boot-camp. :) Very tough clan.
GmbH* GmbH:
HS Headstompers: Headed up by a past member! You have to watch them, they can be pretty mean.
JM Jaegermeister:
K1ck K1ck: Now made up by ex-members of FAB as well.
k/a keine Ahnung:
KOC Knights of Camelot: NI!
LOL Legion of Llamas: Hooray! Go Llamas!
--{-@ Lovely: Very strong players. You could learn a lot from these Q3F monsters.
mTx M@trix:
MOV Mercenaries of Vengeance: A strong clan.
NeMe Nemesis Divina:
Nice* Nice: A really cool team of peeps. Very friendly guys, who are happy to kill you at a drop of a hat. Brilliant.
9M Nine Men: They have been around for ages. Their first incarnation was DG, the first clan FTD EVER faced online - ho ho ho, did we ever show them a thing or two..? Actually, that would be "No".
RedArmy Red Army: A strong team, wih a good attitude.
TFT Task Force Tiger: Still going strong, the furry fiends of TFT are a close ally to FTD. They show no signs of slowing down.
UKR UK Rampage: Rah?
vYv Very Young Virgins:
wrld Warlord Crew:
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